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Why you need a Brand video

Intrinsic to brand marketing, video needs insider knowledge and an expert touch. From brand launch videos to animated explainer videos, our team knows how to create brand video that gets the reaction you need.

Brand videos – accessible everywhere, anytime

Think back to video just 30 years ago. The two main ways you accessed it were during the adverts on your remoteless TV, or by inserting a video cassette the size of a novel into a clunky video player. Think about it now. Accessible from wherever you are. No need to wait till you get home. No need to even get up off the couch. All you need is a mobile phone and you can watch video day or night.

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This is why companies approach our brand video experts at Threerooms and use it so prolifically in their advertising. It hits target audiences at any given time and allows potential customers to choose to access their content when it’s convenient for them. This way, they are more likely to cross the line and become buying customers.

In fact, 59% of company decision-makers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it.

Apart from convenience and accessibility, why else do brand videos work? 

Quick to process – in a world where time is more and more of the essence, speed is everything. Video is up to 60,000 times faster to process than text.

Capture attention – current attention spans average at 8 seconds, so snappy videos are likely to engage your audience more than a few clicks onto a blog or images.

Tap into emotions – how many books have you cried or laughed at? Sure, a really good book will have these effects. But how many films have you cried or laughed at? Countless. Imagery, music and narratives are all incredibly effective ways to evoke emotion. More often than not, emotion leads to action. 

Fill time – people find it increasingly hard to do nothing. Due to being constantly connected, time can be maximised and optimised. Standing in the queue at the supermarket, waiting for somebody to arrive at a cafe, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room – these are all times when we reach for our mobiles and watching a short video is the perfect pastime.

These are just a handful of examples of when brand video can work its magic for your company. Video is now so intrinsic to our lives that we access it almost unintentionally. 

Convey the essence of your organisation and maximise on reach by engaging our experts to create a winning brand video. Get in touch today and we’ll arrange a time to learn more about your business and to clearly explain our process.

Brand Video Services

Our talented team at Threerooms provides various types of brand videos. The type you choose will depend on what you’re trying to achieve – whether it’s to promote products or services, increase brand awareness or culture, or as a form of internal communication.  

  • Brand launch awareness video – video can communicate so much about your offering and brand identity in such a short time – colours, style, tone, feel. It’s a great way to instantly create that important relationship between you and your target audience. 
  • Brand relaunch impact video – relaunching a brand can be tricky. Studies show that people remember more from video images. Approached creatively, this type of video can even show the journey you’ve been on to rebrand and relaunch. 
  • Video showing your passion and culture – this is a fantastic form of video that can be tailored to customers and employees. Both audiences want to feel a connection with you and will show increased loyalty if they understand and connect with your culture. Culture videos humanise who you are and are a great tool for increasing brand identity.
  • GIFs for social – this a great way to tell your brand story in an impactful way. It captures attention and is easy to digest, driving audience to want to find out more.
  • Animated explainer videos – not only an incredibly useful way to inform, simplify, describe and teach, explainer videos can also establish your brand as an industry authority. The key here is to entertain, not bore!
  • Internal brand communication videos – as well as creating team spirit and motivation, brand video is an effective medium to use to communicate internally. Does everyone need to attend that two-hour seminar, leaving desks and phones unattended? Or could the content be condensed into an easy-to-watch video that employees can watch at a time that works for them and their workload?  

“We had our sales summit last week, and I had so many comments from people from our offices around the world (including from our founder and president) about how impressed they are with the branding.”

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