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5 great examples of motion in branding

Brands live and breathe. They evolve and never stand still. In our fast-paced digital world, motion is always at the end of our fingertips.

Motion in branding

Emotion of motion

Motion is part of who we are, it’s how we communicate and inject emotion. Whether they’re gifs or animated emojis, they’re engrained in our social interactions. And it shouldn’t stop there.   Designing motion in branding is part of the brand experience. They enhance story-telling and create exciting visuals that engage us. But most importantly, they bring brands alive.   Motion enhances our emotional connection to brands.  

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Part of the experience

So, we know that motion isn’t anything new, we’ve seen idents on TV for years. But in the brand industry, it has now become the norm for motion to be used as a way to express and experience brands.

It allows brands to show off their personality. Allowing an audience to engage with a brand’s personality is crucial. It’s as simple as standing out against the competition. It makes it easier to connect with your audience through motion, as it’s effortless. People are more likely to notice something moving or watch a 30-second video, rather than take 2 minutes to read something.   Read more: what are marketing personas and why are they effective?

With motion in branding playing a key role, we wanted to share 5 of our personal favourites below:


We absolutely adore the branding of Petbarn and how perfectly the motion adds personality to the brand. It’s fantastic to see how the simplest of movements add humour.

Black cat gif
The loveable pets of Petbarn


Marble is a collective which pioneers the future of ethical data. They tackle the world’s most challenging problems affecting children. The subject matter is serious, however, Marble has injected fluid and seamless motion in the brand. This brand feels like a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t try to jump away from the serious tone, but the motion of the ‘marbles’ add a welcoming, lighthearted touch.

Big data for every child


Since being unveiled at the end of 2018, I have adored seeing these great, playful motion examples for BBC2. The new look is part of a refresh, standing proud against competition such as Netflix and Amazon. From humours to dark, the new idents convey various tones that complement the varied TV shows and documentaries that follow. They continually add more indents, which I look forward to seeing. For more BBC2 indents, check out this video.

Assembly Rooms

A great example of motion in branding, Assembly Rooms use huge doses of vibrancy across their brand. The kinetic typography aids to the fast-paced, trendy look and feel. Their personality certainly oozes through their slick motion.

Fat Llama

This brand just makes me want to own a Llama! I think this is another perfect example of how motion can add huge personality to your brand. This fresh and on-trend brand hits the mark, consistent with their approach to motion in all areas. The loveable mascot gets up to all sorts in the various idents.

Running llama gif

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