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New Year Doesn’t Have to Mean New You

It feels like there’s been a change this year as we’ve entered 2023. People seem more aware of themselves and their wellbeing. They don’t seem as eager to jump on board the newest trend trains and make resolutions just because everyone else is. Sure, the resolutions are there, but they seem more focussed on the individuals… things that will be good for them, that build on something that’s already there to help them grow and progress. They are goals they want to make… not feel they should.

So where has this change come from? Covid has been a catalyst for change, and although it’s left us reeling in a world of uncertainty, there’s a feeling that we’re on the cusp of long-term positive change. The last few years have made us question baked-in ideologies – both personally and in business.

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As we get into our 2023 stride, we want to help you think about your business wellbeing. All businesses can be guilty of pursuing progress, trends and ‘newness’ for the sake of it… especially when the clock ticks into a new year. It’s the business equivalent of ‘new year, new me’. But as this starts to be recognised as an outdated and unrealistic concept at odds with individual wellness, we’re realising that the same applies to business.

Stop and take stock 

Before you go signing yourself up to the latest business fad or make any knee-jerk decisions… 

Stop, breathe and reflect. 

Take a moment (or several) to focus on what you’ve got and what you’ve achieved so far. Remind yourself why your business is here… what its purpose is, its beliefs. Then do your business justice by recognising that the work done to date has great value. And that it can be built on and cemented further to create an even stronger 2023. Much stronger than if you get distracted by trends that don’t actually fit your business. 

Adjust with authenticity

Sure, things change, and you need to change with them. Your approach can flex with your customers’ needs, and shift in an empathetic way to changes in society. But the core essence of your business should remain… and be celebrated. This way, everything you do will be more authentic and in line with the purpose that guides your business. The impact won’t only solidify your business, but also your following. 

So be brave in 2023. Resist the urge to be something that your business is not, or blithely follow trends. Stay consistent. Stay true. And plan accordingly.

Need help finding your purpose? Read more in our guide ‘Does your brand have a purpose?’, or drop us a line today.

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