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TEAM TALK: The Brands We’d Love To Get Our Hands On

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Some brands are crying out for a new look. From Aldi to British Airways, find out which ones are on some of our team’s wish lists.

Brands we'd love to get our hands on

We’re all about transforming brands here at Threerooms. And we reckon there’s a crop of big names that are ripe for a revamp…

1. Warner Leisure Hotels

Name: Zoe
Job title: Senior Brand Designer

The brand redesign for me: Warner Leisure Hotels

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Why I’d like to change it: For a hotel group specialising in exclusive adult getaways (we’re talking Grade I & II listed manor locations), their identity is very much in need of a revamp. They talk about celebrating hotels with ‘quirks’ and ‘unique character’, which feels lacking in their own branding.

What I would do to improve it: It feels like a real missed opportunity that they don’t pull through any unique styling or a sense of heritage. There’s a real feel of grandeur in all of their locations, which needs to shine through their top-level branding. Brands that do this well are National Trust and English Heritage – their simple yet gorgeous styling gives the right feel and tone for their audience.

Warner leisure hotels logo and Aldi logo

2. Aldi

Name: Michael
Job title: Designer

The brand redesign for me: Aldi

Why I’d like to change it: Aldi rose to success due to its low prices, which were achieved by cutting back wherever possible, including on design. While Aldi’s rip-offs of household brands are fun to laugh at and, in some cases, provide free press, I think it’s time that Aldi found its own identity. Good design doesn’t have to be expensive!

What I would do to improve it: I’d love to see Aldi’s visual identity redesigned to embrace and celebrate its low-cost, economies-of-scale approach. It’d also be great to establish a style for Aldi’s own-brand products so that their designs don’t rely on customers mistaking Aldi products for more expensive brands. Developing a bolder look of their own, they could even become more successful than the household brands they mimic – that would become a real asset for Aldi. 

3. An airline brand

Name: Lee
Job title: Senior Designer

The brand redesign for me: Not a specific brand, but I’d like to work on airline branding.

Why I’d like to change it: Ever since I decided to ‘embark’ on a career in branding, I’ve always wanted to work on an airline brand. I love the way a brand has to connect with consumers on many touchpoints, from huge planes down to tiny details on cups. I’d like the challenge to ensure consistency of the details on every product and ensure a consistent experience from booking to departing the airport. 

What I would like to do: I’d happily work on a more premium established brand like BA or Emirates, but I think I’d like to work on a smaller brand where there are opportunities to disrupt the market and try to create some customer loyalty. 

British Airways logo and Anytime Fitness logo

4. Anytime Fitness

Name: Max
Job title:
Creative Designer
The brand redesign for me: Anytime Fitness

Why I’d like to change it: Every time I go to the gym, I have to look at the weird running man logo, which looks like something from the early Nineties.

What I would do to improve it: Modernise the running man logo and use a more modern, edgy, sans serif typeface. I’d also use an updated, more vibrant, contrasting colour palette.

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