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Threerooms release Nottingham Robin Hood Logo

Threerooms capture a local legend for Nottingham Robin Hood Logo design competition. It is hoped that the new logo will enable the city to capitalise on the folk legend both locally and globally.

New Robin Hood Nottingham Logo Social Media

“We consider Nottingham our home and most of our team grew up here – we love our city. For us, the legend of Robin Hood is a huge missed opportunity. Given the chance to help make more of our local hero, well, you simply couldn’t stop us!”

New Nottingham Robin Hood Logo
Nottingham City Sector Logos Robin Hood
Using a new logo for Nottingham
New logo for Nottingham Example

Revealing our new Robin Hood Logo for Nottingham

The long-awaited moment is here. Zoe, one of our talented designers, has been busy crafting this logo as part of the competition to create a Robin Hood logo for Nottingham.

The logo is set to combine all the things that we associate with the city; Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and the Castle, whilst still feeling modern and fresh. We then applied it to various material, showing how it can be embraced by a wide range of people and organisations in a variety of ways. 

All entries are still being judged but we can imagine the amount of talented and inspired designs that have been submitted, so we’re really excited to see the winning logo!

We’re very proud of our work at Threerooms and would love to help give your brand a fresh new look or develop an identity from scratch – please get in touch and see how we can help!