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Brand transformation

A brand that behaves like a modern gent

Client: Gentlemen's Scrub Club


Gentlemen’s Scrub Club is more than a skincare company. They create ethical skincare products for men who care how they look, respect how they feel and want to leave the planet in better shape than when they arrived.

They lead by example, encouraging their industry to address its environmental impact and change how it creates, packages and consumes goods. Together with their products and actions, they’re part of a sea change towards a totally sustainable planet.


A force for change, Gentlemen’s Scrub Club needed an image that was striking and oozed charisma, but in a responsible way that tied in their highly ethical scruples and premium, sustainable skincare products.   

Importantly, they didn’t just want to attract customers. They were on a mission to grab the attention of more prominent brands and set the ethical bar high – challenging them to meet it… or feel the effect of them as competitors in a world that cares.


A bold, high-end, scalable visual identity system emerged based on a heritage theme. Using traditional men’s smoking clubs as a style reference, the image and tone set Gentlemen’s Scrub Club far apart from established, mainstream brands. What’s more, it reinforces their core brand pillars of sustainability and vegan ideals in a subtle, classic and highly-effective way.

Gentlemen's Scrub Club Logo

A scalable identity

Offering flexibility, consistency and brand recognition, the scalable identity system provides different brand marks to cover every space imaginable. Instead of compromising on effect by overcrowding a space, Gentlemen’s Scrub Club have a choice of brand marks to create maximum visual impact and clarity.

GSC Logos

Fusing modern with heritage

The timeless rustic wordmark, influenced by the vintage Victorian era, includes a subtle arch with traditional typography and the use of the established date. This is offset by the more modern secondary font and straight-line text to marry a heritage, but modern, feel. 

The emblem builds on the heritage feel, visually referencing vintage wax seals using an oval shape. 

No matter the space available, the icon reinforces brand recognition across multiple touchpoints through ultimate, but classic, simplicity. 

Gentlemen's Scrub Club Before and After Logo
GSC Contextual Photo with Logo Overlay

Portraying the Victorian style

A range of brand assets was created to be used across touchpoints to reinforce the sense of heritage and the premium Victorian-esque smoking club feel. Used as icons or larger graphical elements throughout the branding, illustrations use a vintage line style that harks back to the Victorian era. Images can be treated with a duo-tone effect using the brand colours.

GSC Image Treatments

Subtle marks of confidence

Badges enforce sustainability, brand recognition and trust and can be added to brand collateral materials such as social posts, packaging or posters.

Ethical and responsible

A range of brand pillar graphical devices visually showcases Gentlemen’s Scrub Club’s ethical and responsible approach to men’s skin care. An essential set of assets, they show how the products and packaging are ethically and responsibly made.

GSC Brand Pillars
GSC Product Mockup
GSC Bottle Product Mockup

Framing with charismatic flair

Ideal for use on packaging, the charisma-filled decorative illustrations frame elements, drawing the readers’ eye to the wordmark and other important information, such as the personal touch of the handwritten name on shipping boxes. 

GSC Mail Box Top Mockup
GSC Mail Box Inside Mockup
GSC Mail Box Insert Mockup
GSC Mail Box Bottom Mockup
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