The Switch brand
Brand transformation

Charity branding to change the narrative for young people in London

Client: The Switch


For 30 years, The Switch has been facilitating positive engagement between schools and local businesses to create a vital connection for the young people of Tower Hamlets, helping them fulfil their potential by aspiring to life-changing careers. Armed with modern and highly effective programmes, alongside a bounty of ambition and enthusiasm, the charity continues to strive as a passionate advocate for change in Tower Hamlets, increasing awareness of the perpetual cycle of poverty and helping to end it for good.


The Switch knew that, in order to deliver their vision of creating opportunity for every young person to discover their best future, they needed a brand to inspire, empower and incite ambition. Not only for the young people of Tower Hamlets, but for their own staff and local businesses alike. They needed a brand that would create a culture and help them bridge the education and opportunity gap, making the young people in Tower Hamlets realise they can achieve the amazing things they are capable of.


Over a year we collaborated with the team to strategise, ideate, refine and implement the new brand. Our partnership yielded a brand strategy, messaging frameworks and visual toolkits to enable The Switch to implement a cohesive visual system that could grow along with the new brand.

A vibrant new identity emerged from the in-depth discovery work we carried out. More modern, fun, bold and energetic, it radiates the essence of the charity and is so much more relevant to everyone they work with – the young people, businesses, education and their own team members. It depicts a journey from an unstable existence to a strong, inspired and focused one.

The name

The change in name was key. ‘Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership’ became ‘The Switch’ – a snappier name chosen to better reflect the great work they do in helping to transform the lives of young people. They help them make the ‘switch’ from a life of poverty to a life full of hope and opportunity.

The break

The break between the two halves of the ‘S’ signifies the break in the cycle of poverty – a theme that is applied to the logo and throughout the rest of the branding. The strong ‘S’ icon also represents two sides – business and education – coming together to support each other.

The curve

The curve is a positive and uplifting shape with the upward direction being key, giving a visual representation of inspiration and raising the future aspirations of young people. It is the turning point where ‘the switch’ happens.

The line

The line tells a story of the young people’s journey. Starting off wiggly, it reaches the uplifting arc and continues in a solid, straight line – this depicts the unsure and uninspired individual reaching the turning point and then striding ahead into their inspired future.