Brand creation

A global brand identity to change the face of IT distribution

Client: Nuvias


IT distribution is a fast-moving sector, critical to the integration and adoption of new technologies. Nuvias, the pan-EMEA, high-value technology distribution brand, operates in over 20 countries, with 14 offices across EMEA.


Following a series of acquisitions, a new unified business was formed to better serve the needs of the IT channel. With a game-changing concept, the Nuvias leadership team commissioned a new global brand identity to encompass their unique vision, representing the frontline of technology.


Working as advisors to the board and senior marketing teams, we helped to uncover the essence of the business and created a visual identity that embodied it. The brand has been released and adopted across EMEA in multiple countries with incredible feedback both internally and externally.

Nuvias internal branding

Understanding the essence of the brand

Starting with in-depth meetings and discovery sessions, we sought to learn as much as we could, developing the brand’s strategy and DNA, purpose and positioning, along with customer personas and tone-of-voice.

Nuvias internal branding
NUVIAS magazine design

Managing the branding process

Over several months, Threerooms managed the initial brand discovery, logo design and brand identity and then the roll-out across a wide range of applications, including marketing materials, interiors, website and a native mobile app.

A ‘full-spectrum’ design principal

Understanding the business and service structure enabled us to create a colourful visual theme for the Nuvias brand. A multicoloured approach represents the full spectrum of services on offer. A teal colour was chosen to give a modern and professional anchor, while white became a dominant secondary colour for the brand, bringing a natural sense of lightness.

Nuvias internal branding
Nuvias brand

Launching a global brand identity

When ready, we released the new branding internally, briefing staff on the background and meaning of the brand, before launching at an industry event and press conference. Over several years, Threerooms has worked closely with Nuvias as the brand continues to evolve; with new marketing campaigns, product launches, an industry magazine, and a dynamic internal agency brand. This global brand identity design is respected in the industry and continues to grow.