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Brand transformation

Organisation rebrand: modernising an insect science heritage brand

Client: Royal Entomological Society


The Royal Entomological Society is at the cutting edge of insect science. It’s a global network of professionals, students and enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds and with multiple talents who all share a passion for insects. They promote research, provide funding, offer advice and connect people, to help us understand insect impacts on the planet, and enrich the way we all live.

The Royal Entomological Society is here to support everyone fascinated by insects, from biologists, chemists, ecologists and geneticists, to artists, educators, enthusiasts and children of all ages.


The Royal Entomological Society was founded in 1833 as the Entomological Society of London. Since then, the Society has built up an enviable reputation for the breadth and quality of its knowledge, and support to the entomological community.

But their old brand didn’t reflect the progress and evolution of the organisation, their global network or their welcoming inclusivity. They needed a modern, thoughtful, dynamic new brand which people can connect with, a brand that embodies their passion for insects and insect science. A new brand, but one that clearly retains the values, equity and heritage of the old one.


A warm and inviting, yet bold and visually arresting new brand was created and rolled out. It brought together stakeholders, supporters, professionals, academics and enthusiasts into one cohesive, inclusive organisation open to everyone. It reflected the variety and vibrancy of the teeming insect world, and the essential work that the Society does in supporting it, by encouraging biodiversity management, crop protection and disease prevention.

Insects are always at the heart of the Society

To form the new logo, the spotlight combines with a simplified line drawing of a Stylops, a genus of endoparasitic insects in the family Stylopidae.

This resonates with the brand’s heritage and history, as the official seal and original logo of the Royal Entomological Society featured a male Stylops.

Royal Entomological Society
Royal Entomological Society

Focusing on the beautiful, hidden, mysterious world of insects

The spotlight is a core brand mark that derives from the existing logo and helps to achieve brand recognition.

A symbol formed from the shape of a spotlight shining down, it represents the Society’s focus on the insect world – like an entomologist peering down a microscope with a sense of excitement, discovery and wonder.

Royal Entomological Society

Breathtaking photography captures the photogenicity of insects

We paired stunning close-up insect photography with blurred backgrounds and a neat circular graphic device to draw focus and attention to key insect imagery. The circle device suggests the action of looking down a microscope, and brings excitement, energy and interest to the visuals.

This also brings people into the creative work to say it’s not all about the insects – it’s about people and inclusivity too. It’s about the scientists, professional researchers, students, general public and current members who are the future of the Society.

This gives meaning to the brand for all of them. It’s a core brand device that stands proud and becomes a clean, exciting and recognisable brand mark.

Royal Entomological Society
Royal Entomological Society

Showcasing the vibrant world of insects through iridescence

Structurally, most insect colours are in the green to the violet range. This then became our rationale for selecting an iridescent colour palette which conjures up a spectrum of words: beautiful, curious, unique, rare and precious.

Blending these iridescent colours with stunning insect photography produces a dynamic modern identity with impact. When used across digital and print platforms, this creates dynamic visuals which mimic the beauty, fragility and preciousness of insects.

Royal Entomological Society

Clever typography reflects perpetual insect motion

A simple grid was created as a framework to house the typographic structures, and give consistency across different layouts and placements. This then allows freedom and flexibility to give movement to the type which mimics the endlessly productive motion of insects.

In particular, the offset headlines suggest the idea of insects busily moving around and help us to create unique, vibrant, eye-catching layouts.

Royal Entomological Society
Royal Entomological Society
Royal Entomological Society
Royal Entomological Society