Brand Evolution

A new image for the future of satellite services

Client: SatADSL


With a wide range of specialist services and groundbreaking technologies, SatADSL is a pioneering organisation on a mission to become the leading aggregator of satellite connectivity. By challenging long-established methodologies within the industry and providing access to the most advanced communication and services infrastructure, they strive to offer affordable and dependable IP access, support economic development and improve the lives of people across the globe, even in the most remote areas.

In short, they want to make the digital divide a thing of the past.


Innovation is at the core of SatADSL – they are always searching for ways to improve and enhance the way the whole industry operates. They knew their brand had to portray this by being on point and fresh, showing their drive to realise the potential of satellite connectivity and the new digital economy for everyone. They wanted something that communicates their passion to remove barriers in the satellite connectivity marketplace.


As SatADSL well knows, innovation doesn’t happen without discovery and change. So we lead them through brand discovery questionnaires and workshops to capture their mission from the word go. The result was branding that exudes the connectivity and communication they aspire to bring throughout the world. 

Their refreshed logo and brand identity bolsters their passion to break down divides, ensure transparency and enhance connectivity. Armed with a brand DNA and key messages document, brand strategy, and guidelines, and a content plan, together with a redesigned website (by our partner Beyond Agency) and 60-second launch video, SatADSL has the clarity and the tools they need to forge forward and realise their ambition to innovate the satellite connectivity industry. 

With pioneering change comes evolution

A large part of our work with SatADSL was based around the evolution of their existing logo. It didn’t need a full redesign but we developed it to be in line with where they are as an organisation now.

Creating connectivity

The existing symbol was reworked to include connecting lines to portray their mission to create ‘connection’.

Showing innovation and progress through colour

Strong and vibrant primary colours were used to make the brand stand out, with the purple and blue gradients adding a feel of movement. We also introduced a new dark blue, inspired by the night sky.

Technology Banding

Connecting up the dots of satellite connectivity

Lines and dots were implemented throughout the brand design to depict the tracking of satellites orbiting the Earth, as well as beams of light. The combination represents networks, communication and connectivity and visually conveys the SatADSL tagline – ‘Connecting your world’.

Accenting transparency

Accent images were highlighted with transparent overlays using the gradient colours. This ties in with SatADSL’s core values of openness, honesty and transparency, which are key drivers in their mission.

Technology Brand DNA

Naming pioneering change

We also helped to find a new name for their Cloud Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP). It is now known as ‘neXat’, pronounced ‘nexsat’, which communicates the goal of their pioneering platform being the next big, next-level satellite communications tool in the industry.