Brand Evolution

Defining the future of satellite connectivity

Client: neXat (formerly SatADSL)


With groundbreaking technologies, neXat (formerly SatADSL) is on a mission to become the leading aggregator of satellite connectivity worldwide. By challenging norms and providing access to the most advanced communication and services infrastructure, they strive to offer affordable and dependable IP access to improve the lives of people across the globe.


Innovation is at the core of neXat. They knew their brand had to portray this, showing their drive to realise the potential of satellite connectivity and the new digital economy for everyone. They needed a brand and website that represented their challenger positioning and supported their diverse marketing needs.


Innovation doesn’t happen without discovery and change. We lead the team through discovery workshops and interviews to capture their mission from the word go. With a clear strategy in place, we carefully refreshed their logo and designed a distinctive brand identity that truly reflects their business.

With pioneering change comes evolution

A significant change was in the evolution of their existing logo. It didn’t need a full redesign, but we knew it would make a significant difference to the overall identity. Small changes can have a huge impact.

Creating connectivity

The existing symbol was reworked to include connecting lines to portray their mission to create ‘connection’. Any established brand marque needs careful attention. We enhanced the logo, adding clarity while ensuring the essence isn’t lost in the redesign.

Showing innovation and progress through colour

Strong and vibrant colours were used to make the brand stand out, with the purple and blue gradients adding depth and a feel of movement. We also introduced a new dark blue, inspired by the night sky.

Connecting up the dots of satellite connectivity

A graphic framework for lines and circles was implemented throughout the brand design to depict the tracking of satellites orbiting the Earth. The combination represents networks, communication and connectivity and visually conveys the neXat tagline – ‘Connecting your world’.

Accenting imagery

Accent images were highlighted with transparent overlays using gradient colours. This ties in with neXat’s core values of openness, honesty and transparency, which are key drivers in their mission.

Technology Brand DNA

Naming pioneering change

Threerooms also helped to find a new name for their Cloud Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP). It is now known as neXat, (pronounced ‘nexsat’), which embodies the goal of being the leading satellite communications player in the industry.

Relaunch with confidence

Every brand needs to reinvent itself over time. If the right steps are taken, it removes risk and inspires confidence in the team. As part of the project, we provided consultancy, a brand strategy and DNA. From this strong foundation, we were able to develop a robust brand design and brand guidelines. Getting ready for launch, we created a launch video and applied the brand across the business, including marketing and event materials and a new website (in partnership with Beyond).

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