An aspirational brand for award-winning architects

Client: Acres Architects


Acres Architects are a multi-award-winning chartered architects practice based in Nottingham in the UK. Working on commercial and residential projects up to £1.2b in construction value, they pride themselves on their attention to detail and contemporary approach.


As a young and successful company, Acres started with a home-spun logo and brand identity. As success came, they realised that they needed an exceptional brand to attract clients that matched their ambition. Acres challenged Threerooms to reimagine its branding and raise the bar.


The rebranding project was a catalyst for change; a smart, cost-effective way to raise their profile, drive the business forward and attract the right kind of clients. With its modern, distinctive brand, Acre’s is recognised as a leader in its field and continues to expand its business.

In our initial brand workshop, we uncovered insights, identified a target audience and set the ambition for the project.

A new logo incorporated a structural theme. The stand-alone ‘A’ marque is recognisable across all media channels.

Acres Architects Brand Animated Logo

Seeing the brand come to life

Working alongside their own design team, we worked on the office interior design to reflect their creativity as architects. The new brand also lives on a new website, across promotional materials and social media.

A brand destined for success

The architects’ rebrand and new marketing focus have raised the bar in a big way. Acres Architects are in a new phase of business growth, complete with an iconic brand they can be proud of for many years to come.