Brand transformation

Supporting business transformation through technology

Client: Infinite Edge


Infinite Edge bridges the gap between vision and success by supporting the digital needs of global organisations. A next-gen IT solution provider with over 20 years of experience, they are known for exceptional service and using their forward-thinking and agile business to deliver innovation and impact. Working in committed and close collaboration with those ready to revolutionise and create the future – the doers, the visionaries, the decision-makers – they help drive businesses, non-profits and government entities forward through the application of cutting-edge technology.


Innovative and agile by nature, Infinite Edge knew that it was time for a rebrand, recognising that their brand didn’t go deeper than the logo and lacked cohesion across the company. They knew they needed something that would attract, engage and retain the best talent, but also propel them towards their goals of becoming widely known as the experts in the industry and building a deep level of trust with a larger customer pool. 


A fresh and dynamic brand identity was created and rolled out. It gave meaning internally and externally to the Infinite Edge brand – empowering employees to be proud and excel, while providing a solid stage for Infinite Edge to become the sought-after brand within the industry for their innovative and specialist expertise. 

Depicting a smooth flow of infinite innovation

We created two graphic devices that are used flexibly across communications to truly represent the drive, goals and mission behind Infinite Edge – the Loop icon and the Edge.

The Loop –  illustrating continuous improvement

The Loop icon serves as a strong and memorable mark that works well in the digital space. Not only does it signify the team’s circular process of continuous improvement internally, but it also mirrors the external approach of Infinite Edge’s life-cycle loop of managing ongoing innovative solutions and client relationships.

The Edge – conveying dynamic infinity

The Edge is a dynamic graphic that serves as a visual representation of data flowing smoothly and infinitely through everything Infinite Edge touches. It connects with the brand concept and injects colour and motion across communications.

We also created a custom graphic generator – a highly adaptable tool that allows those who work with the brand to produce a unique Edge graphic for each and every application. Truly infinite, it can create endless variations of the Edge in shape and size, conveying the idea of continual change and innovation.