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Bringing game-changing ideas to the world

Client: Zoosh Group


Zoosh is a Cloud Venture Builder. Through investment, digital product development and hands-on support, they help ambitious founders and bold organisations create, launch and scale entirely new digital businesses. Businesses that change the status quo and make the world that little bit better.

By working in close collaboration with ambitious founders, they combine relentless creativity with innovative thinking and technology to provide the agility, flexibility and genuine commitment to bring tomorrow’s most exciting and game-changing businesses to the world.


Well on their way to achieving their mission of becoming renowned as the most innovative and successful digital venture builder that helps more ambitious ideas enter the market and benefit the world, Zoosh has developed over 50 dynamic cloud propositions since 2015.

To continue the strong growth of both their own and other people’s businesses, they needed a brand that showcases their entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and authentic approach – a brand that disrupts the market and reflects the impact they want to make on the world.


Through workshops and stakeholder interviews and research, we created a super-modern brand that projects an entrepreneurial, market-leading image that challenges tradition. The importance of authenticity in the brand helps to instil confidence and trust, which leads to transparent, world-changing collaborations.

A clarified offering through a coherent brand system has left Zoosh confident and able to grow, progress and proudly reaffirm their brand position to current and future clients.

Positively leaning towards growth and progression

Cuts and arrows are the main features of the new branding. Together with bold, simple and striking colours, they show the positive and dynamic impact Zoosh brings to their clients. Always facing forward to show growth and progression, the main cut is set at a 45-degree angle to mirror the cuts in the logo.


Creating partnerships with two sides coming together

The cut is also symbolic, portraying the two sides of the long-term, collaborative partnerships they foster with their clients.


Telling stories through imagery

Storytelling photography that showcases the success of their clients is a fundamental element to the new Zoosh brand. This imagery shows people working in their environments, using technology and going about their general day-to-day work-related activities.


Nurturing a culture of innovation

Zoosh doesn’t only believe in creating long-term partnerships with clients, but also with its own people. Creating a culture that is inclusive, authentic, innovative and collaborative is a big part of their brand. Natural, real photography has been used to attract the best staff and build the world-class team and inspiring entrepreneurial workplace they are aiming for.

Colleagues who are friends, ventures that are adventures and an office that is home.

Kristof, Zoosh Designer