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Brand transformation

Changing the customer feedback landscape

Client: True


True is a brand new social platform where customers can have their say and interact with businesses more openly and positively.

It’s a place where customers can find and leave honest reviews, get quick resolutions to problems, give praise where it’s due, and grab a great deal at the same time. It’s also a place where businesses can get balanced, fair, honest feedback, learn what’s working, resolve issues quickly and keep customers happy.

In short, True makes it easier for companies to manage customer service and for customers to interact with them.


True is a start-up brand in an extremely competitive market. But it does have a number of unique advantages over other online review platforms. So our first challenge was to create a dynamic identity that highlights these service benefits to two distinct audiences: B2C consumers and potential investors. We also had to encapsulate the brand voice and company values of being happy, authentic, empathetic and inclusive.

Above all, we had to make True stand out against its established competitors: Trustpilot, Feefo, Reviews.io, Trip Advisor, Ask Nicely, Yelp and Google My Business.


The identity created for True was cleverly designed to appeal to the two target audiences. It warmly welcomes customers and businesses in to use the platform – and it focuses on the USPs to attract potential investors and business angels. How did we do this? With a palette of strong primary colours, simple but charming line drawings, fun icons and a carefully selected font that’s warm and friendly. The whole design aesthetic positively encourages people to engage and get involved. That is the essence of user-friendliness.

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The logo – a friendly face for the brand

The logo we devised for True was a neat combination of three key design elements – the location pin used for identifying businesses, a speech bubble to represent dialogue and a happy, smiling letter ‘e’ to give the brand a friendly face.

The result: a likeable, approachable logo and business.

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Easily adaptable to the six brand areas

One of the key USPs of True is that it enables consumers and companies to communicate through the platform. In fact, True has six unique and different ways for shoppers and businesses to interact through the platform: True Voucher, True Team, True Feedback, True Resolve, True Survey and True Idea.

The logo was created to flex easily into a suite of logos
representing these six key areas.

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Making reviews more emotional and personal

Here’s where True goes much further than other review platforms. Instead of basic and unsubtle thumbs up/down or smiley/angry icons, it gives shoppers five True Emotion ratings.

Better still, these icons can be personalised with the user’s face or avatar to provide a unique, bespoke and fun way to give ratings.

This personalisation actually becomes a strong benefit as it builds attachment and loyalty to the platform, and encourages people to express their emotions.

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Building a world around True

The objective of the team behind True is to create an all-in-one customer satisfaction platform which revolutionises customer service worldwide.

This brings a tricky design challenge. How do we represent shoppers in towns and cities in all kinds of countries, buying from companies in all types of business sectors?

Our solution was to create a simple, almost child-like suite of modular illustrations which were detailed and specific, but not too precise and prescriptive.

Combined with bright, colourful speech bubbles and dialogue they encapsulate what True is all about – a fun, inviting, engaging brand you want to use every time you purchase.

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Taking True out into the world

The new brand identity we developed for True obviously has to be flexible and strong enough to go across different media channels and collateral.

With its bold logo, striking primary colours and eyecatching line drawings, the brand works just as effectively on the True app and London Tube posters, as it does on retail stickers, and online and offline advertising.

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Shop window sticker and laptop sticker
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