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Charity Rebrand

Rebranding a charity that rises above domestic abuse

Client: Juno


Established 40 years ago, Juno Women’s Aid empowers women and children to live free from abuse and violence. The charity provides crucial support and advice for women, teenagers and children, ranging from crisis support to drop-ins and one-to-one support.


Over time, all brands become disconnected from the truth and need realigning. The project had two areas of focus: addressing confusion around their name and modernising an out-dated brand that didn’t reflect their passion and purpose. Their name, “Women’s Aid Integrated Services”, was indistinct, being confused with other charities. Abbreviated to “WAIS” it had no meaning and wasn’t easy to say or recall.


The rebrand saw a complete renewal of the charity’s image and how it connects with its audience. Armed with a clear proposition, a meaningful new name and a distinctive identity, this dedicated charity is ready for another 40 years of incredible and vital work.

Juno Women's Aid logo on-purple background

One step at a time

A name and brand transformation is a significant step for any organisation. Charity rebranding demands that extra degree of care sensitivity. Through a series of brand workshops, focus groups and discussions, we were able to carefully understand what Juno offered to their team and most importantly, their survivors.

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Juno Charity Brand Social Media Examples

Deciding on a new name

Finding a new name is hard. It has to resonate, carry meaning and be memorable. After reviewing initial options, the team excitedly decided on Juno, the protectress of women in Roman mythology. It was the birth of a courageous and proud brand steeped in meaning — a perfect anchor for a brand that reflects strength, compassion and deeply protective nature.


Choosing colour with meaning

There was no doubt that the brand’s colours needed to be bold, assertive and filled with optimism. Juno strongly relates to the passion and courage of the Suffragettes who have long been associated with the colours purple and green. This meaningful and robust combination was perfect – purple representing dignity and green for hope.

Juno Charity Brand Campaign Image

Simple, protective, uplifting

The brand evolved with compassion and protection in-mind. A simple yet meaningful circle became central to the Juno brand, standing for the uplifting, positive progression towards a life of freedom. The continuous loop represents protection, while the slightly uneven nature of the shape represents individuality and imperfection.

Juno Outdoor Charity Poster

Building a brand that connects

Juno’s support is monumental in changing lives. Sadly we know that many people dealing with domestic abuse don’t know how to seek help. We needed to help improve this. Our focus throughout was to create a brand that’s authentic, honest and ‘speaks’ to its audience.

Juno branding shown on a bag and charity t-shirts