Brand transformation

Coworking office branding with community at heart

Client: The Quadrant


The Quadrant is a community-focused facility for work and play. With more people working remotely, The Quadrant offers a place to keep communities together. Offering contemporary office and meeting spaces buzzing with activity, it’s the ideal place for people to get a change of work scenery or meet up with teammates. But The Quadrant vibe doesn’t stop there. Studios offer small business space to ‘do their thing’, and the cafe and gym encourage people to look after their wellbeing by down-tooling for some R&R.


Driven by a passion to create a community hub that gives people and businesses a place to come together and thrive, The Quadrant was also aware of growing competition in the coworking space. They’d already addressed this by offering more than co-working with the presence of the gym, cafe and studios, but they needed a look that would catch the eye and entice people to be part of ‘The Quad’.


A striking and fun visual identity stemmed from the shapes found in and around the building itself, and a list of keywords that described everything The Quadrant aspires to be: bold, minimal, characterful, clean, professional, edgy, quirky and relaxing.

The brand assets emit The Quadrant’s vibe even before you enter the building. It’s an identity that draws people in and gives a sense of cohesion between the space itself and the feeling within it.

The Quadrant Brand identity

The ‘Q’ – bringing iconic, bold flexibility

A bold icon mark takes the focus throughout this identity. The Quadrant ‘Q’ is bold, quirky and has a huge flex when applying colour and imagery. The square in the centre directly links to the iconic square window you walk beneath when you enter the building.

The Quads – reflecting shapes and personality

The logo for this coworking office branding was created from three shapes – a circle, a square and an arc. These are collectively known as the ‘Quads’ and are used throughout the identity to create a bespoke brand that reflects the different shapes and spaces at The Quadrant. This forms a strong and unique cohesion between the logo and identity and reflects a positive, bold, quirky tone that brings contagious energy.

Beverage packaging

Meet The Quadrant logo family

As The Quadrant offers much more than coworking spaces, sub-logos were created for the cafe, the studio and the gym. These logos mimic the design aesthetics of the core logo and are part of The Quadrant family of logos, but give each space its own identity. 

‘Obviously’ the right typeface a coworking office brand

Typefaces are central to identities that want to pack a punch. ‘Obviously’ is bold, characterful and confidence-inducing. The characters have uniquely quirky qualities that blend perfectly with this identity. 

Contrasting colours exude The Quadrant vibe

Two primary colours and a collection of strong secondary colours unite to give a varied flavour to this brand. The two primary colours reflect very different values – the purple being calming, wise and ambitious, while the black is bold, edgy and professional. But together, they fuse to reflect the vibe and personality of The Quadrant.

No boring bullets

Quirky and edgy are key traits of this identity. So standard bullets and boxes weren’t an option for ways to highlight information. Based on the shapes of plants (which were plentiful at The Quadrant!), these icons bring a clean and bold design that links with the unique vision of the building. 

The Quadrant Brand design