Brand transformation

Reshaping alternative educational provision

Client: Targeted Provision


Targeted Provision helps young people with unmet needs feel supported, heard and empowered to discover joy in learning and chart their own educational path with confidence and resilience. Matching tutors and young people through a thoughtful alignment of experiences, needs and interests, they re-engage vulnerable young people with education through tailored, trauma-informed support and nurturing relationships.


They needed a fresh, market-leading look to match their progressive approach. In an industry that can be dry and difficult to navigate, they wanted to stand out with a simplified, supportive and warm identity that appeals to professionals and parents, while keeping children at the heart of what they do.


The rebrand delivers a transformative impact with a brand that emanates creativity, supportiveness and responsibility. Visually appealing and emotionally resonant, the identity cultivates a calm, confident, and imaginative feel that is easy for all involved to connect with.

Targeted Provision brand

The ‘Supportive Spark’ – a feeling of ‘coming together’ and unity

The logo icon is a reminder that Targeted Provision is always there for young people – ready to support and guide them. Simple, yet colourful and distinctive, the ‘Supportive Spark’ brings a feeling of movement and reflects an organic softness for that human touch. It can also be used in photography and placed on the shoulders of the young people to reflect support and guidance.

Targeted Provision logo before and after
Targeted Provision social media

‘Pathway Waves’ – bringing the organic touch of human nature

The identity has been designed with the warmth of human interaction in mind. These ‘Pathway Waves’ use transparency in colour and form so there are no harsh lines or edges, reflecting a positive fluidity of the mind and a younger person’s journey being shaped in an uplifting way.

They have a playful tone, without being too young or fun, and can be added behind images to create a positive and supportive feel.

Reflecting values and emotions

The brand colours reflect particular values and emotions. Each colour brings its own characteristics, but when viewed as a collective, they add a unique feel to the brand.

Targeted Provision website
Targeted Provision photography
Targeted Provision guidelines

Infusing approachability with character illustrations

Illustrations of characters add a welcoming and approachable touch to the identity, creating a more human, dynamic, playful and child-centred feel. But they have been carefully crafted to add a level of maturity to topics that require a delicate approach.

Targeted Provision iconography
Targeted Provision packaging

Subtle motion for uplifting warmth

The identity has been crafted to be motion-led. The careful consideration of movement of the ‘Pathway Waves’ and character illustrations generates an uplifting and wholesome feel to the identity. But it is soft and minimal to retain the needed maturity.

Targeted Provision brand identity

Playful icons for purposeful brand communication

Icons have been created to sit in harmony alongside the illustrations. They have a playful and child-centred approach while clearly representing the topic they highlight.

Targeted Provision identity case study
Targeted Provision brand visual