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Enabling global identity. Protecting digital trust.

Client: GLEIF


GLEIF protects the source of global transactional trust. The guardian of verifiable legal entity identifiers (LEIs), GLEIF has changed mandatory ID checks from onerous to automatic. A single code represents a single organisation so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can trust an organisation is who it claims to be.


In an increasingly digitally connected world, GLEIF saw it was time to harness the ‘broader public good’ of the LEI by introducing the vLEI. Expanding the use of the LEI in the digital age, the vLEI enables instant ID checks for both organisations and the people within them. 

Part of this shift was a whole new look to help them achieve their aim of driving LEI adoption by legal entities everywhere as part of a growing global digital ecosystem.


An effective mix of strategic work along with graphic and motion design evolved GLEIF’s brand identity to convey GLEIF’s vocation to protect the source of global transactional trust. But our work didn’t stop there. We delivered an extended multi-media brand launch and rollout – both internally and externally – that equips GLEIF with a brand that will not only propel them forward into the next stage of their journey, but also adapt in a rapidly changing digital world.

Logo evolution to ready GLEIF for the digital world 

We brought simplicity and clarity to what was originally a complicated set of shapes and letters using the theme of ‘one’ – a connected system for global reach and universal digital recognition.

GLEIF Logo Design

A bold and instantly recognisable logo emerged that portrays strength and the concept that GLEIF is the protector of something important. But it is also easy to read and replicate at various sizes on all sorts of media – print, digital and motion.

GLEIF Logo Evolution Design
GLEIF Branding

The meaning behind the mark

GLEIF Branding - Thinking behind logo

The new normal for global transactional trust

Keeping photography on brand 

In situations where stock photography is needed, the trustmark can be incorporated and animated to enhance and reinforce brand recognition.

GLEIF Brand Photography
GLEIF Branding - Slide Deck Design

Transparency and simplicity in character and style

Line art illustrations depict various locations, use cases and industries in a way stock photos never could. But mainly, it also gives GLEIF its own, recognisable style, while reflecting its brand characteristics of transparency and simplicity. What’s more, it’s a style that can be easily animated to offer organisations an even more engaging experience.

GLEIF Branding - Illustration
GLEIF Website Design - New branding for a technology compliance company

A visual stamp of approval

The logo was created with trustmarks in mind – something to give partner organisations a bold stamp of approval to display proudly and prominently. The thick, bold and encompassing shapes signify protection and hint at GLEIF’s regulatory roots – a robust and trustworthy organisation with strong partnerships.

GLEIF Branding
GLEIF Accreditation Logo Design
GLEIF Branding