Brand evolution

Inspiring young people to take the best career journeys

Client: Morrisby


Morrisby has revolutionised career development, helping and inspiring students to take on the best and most rewarding career journey that fits their abilities, personality and ambition. Driven to inspire the next generation, Morrisby provides an engaging experience for students while offering much-needed support for staff in educational institutions across the globe. 


Already trusted by over 1000 schools and colleges, Morrisby’s mission is to be recognised as the leading careers and educational guidance service in the English-speaking world. Responding to the changing needs of education, training and careers, they knew their brand needed to reflect the focus, change and progress they incite in young people as they support them through their career journeys.


We took Morrisby on a journey of our own to completely redefine their branding and find their competitive advantage. With a brand DNA document, key messages and a unique tone of voice, coupled with a strong and distinctive new logo, Morrisby has a new brand to support their business ambitions.

The brand was applied to various touchpoints, including the website, a company video and product explainer videos, to help Morrisby serve a future where children can make better career decisions.

A logo that represents innovation

A change of name was out of the question as the Morrisby name is so well-respected within the industry. So we created a logo that visually represents the very purpose of their innovative software and work – the more information you add, the more detailed and accurate results become.

Morrisby Logo Redesign
Education Software Branding

Triangles to reflect clarity

The overlaying triangles represent information becoming clearer and more focused as results are narrowed down.

A focus on growth

The higher peak on the right depicts growth and achievement, showing that Morrisby moves with you as life changes and progresses.

UI Branding

The M

The M is a focal point to showcase the highly respected Morrisby name and retain the heritage and brand equity.

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