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Pushing the boundaries with wearable tech

Client: Equivital


Every day, in some of the most extreme conditions, Equivital helps people push the boundaries of human understanding. From the edge of space to the heart of a warzone, their clinical-grade wearable technology can capture, manage and analyse real-time mobile human data. Used in clinical trials, biofeedback, military training and deployment, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN), their innovative and pioneering solutions harness the power of human data all over the world.


As the leading supplier of cutting-edge mobile human data capture solutions that continuously innovates and creates new solutions based on the needs of the market, Equivital needed branding that portrayed their ambitions, showed their courage and integrity, and built strong, long-term relationships with their target audiences.


Pioneers in their field from the outset, Equivital has been closing the gap between technology and health for the past 10 years. Therefore, there could be no gap in the way their branding communicates their mission.

We created strong, bold and consistent branding that allows them to stride forward with their innovative ambitions, communicating exactly how they can fulfil their mission of empowering people with mobile human data to improve performance, effectiveness and safety.

Keeping the heart ticking

The logo was evolved with cleaner typography and a bolder, punchier digital-first colour palette. A simplified tick in the ‘v’ part of the heart communicates the significance of keeping the heart performing at its best, based on accurate data capture.

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Consistency that communicates difference

A new logo family was created to offer consistency but also distinguish between Equivital’s software and device products.

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When every beat counts

The pulse represents the critical heartbeat that Equivital’s pioneering technology monitors so precisely to provide data insights that can be trusted and converted to enable peak performance operations.

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‘When human data matters most’

An organisation so intrinsically based around data needed a tagline that communicates its paramount importance.

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Products that stand up to the terrain

We did a product imagery photoshoot that incorporated elements such as sand and water to show that Equivital’s robust products are rugged and tough – just like the terrain they are used in.

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App design

Heroes have faces

People-based photography was used as much as possible to make the clear connection that heroes are real people – real people that Equivital is striving to protect by enabling smarter, data-based decisions.

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