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Redefining ticket delivery for richer experiences

Client: Tixserve


Tixserve boasts fresh, no-brainer tech propelling ticketing into the 21st century. Their digital ticket fulfilment solution empowers event organisers worldwide with tools that redefine ticket delivery for commercial and experiential gain. The platform gives sellers direct access to ticket holders with the ability to drive revenue while ramping up fan engagement. Win-win.


With a clear vision to lead in digital ticket fulfilment for live events, Tixserve was committed to redefining itself and ticket delivery worldwide. They wanted a brand to communicate their exciting and adventurous nature while instilling trust and confidence in a fast-evolving SAAS marketplace.


The result breathes excitement into a smart solution disrupting ticketing’s status quo. Using various colours and textures facilitates the targeting of different sectors, while the brand as a whole has a collective impact that’s hard to miss.

Reflecting direct communication

Strong, angular lines in the logo reflect the essence of ‘direct communication’ – a key point that came out of the discovery and creative phase, forming a keystone of Tixserve’s Brand DNA.

tixserve logo

Small details, bold statements

Purposefully not a circular ‘dot’ for the ‘i’, the portal is a strong and significant element of the logo. The rectangle mimics the shape of a mobile phone and app screen. It can also be used creatively throughout the branding, providing a frame to contain imagery.

tixserve advertising

A brand rooted in the study of sound

Cymatics is a visual representation of sound, showing beautiful geometric patterns travelling through sound waves. Inspired by cymatics, we created a collection of bespoke textures from our four target sectors’ unique environments and atmospheres.

Why? Sound is one of our primary senses and central to the unique atmosphere of live environments – the roar of an F1 engine and the excitement of audience applause. So we used this idea as a visual link for different target sectors.

tixserve identity
tixserve app

A curated palette of feeling

The brand colours were selected to reflect particular values and emotions. Each primary palette colour brings its own characteristics, and when viewed as a collective, they add a powerful and unique vibe to the brand.

A secondary palette uses four different colours in curated gradients to reflect the particular values and emotions of each: Sports, Music, Entertainment and Hospitality.

tixserve colours
tixserve palette

Portraying a tech-minded mover ‘n’ shaker

The Gosha Sans font was chosen to embody Tixserve’s personality. It’s a unique, modern and characterful typeface with a strong design. Clean, direct and angular lines create confidence, while the feel of edginess ties in with being an industry game-changer. The composed and perfectly balanced letters add to this typeface’s overall well-formed and clear legibility.

An arrow device is used as part of the headings, adding a quirky design note to highlight or emphasise words or statements.

tixserve typography
Tixserve Branding Sector Textures
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