Global rebrand

Refine and redefine. Global branding for a shipping specialist

Client: InXpress


InXpress is a leading global shipping specialist that provides reliable, cost-effective commercial shipping solutions from a range of global carriers, all delivered with outstanding customer service and commitment.


Our challenge was to modernise and redefine the InXpress brand while harnessing their core business values. Putting time and money benefits aside, ‘service’ is at the heart of their offer. This strong USP needed to be communicated to customers to create a genuine connection.


We worked with InXpress to refine their global branding through succinct messaging and a sharper visual identity, all applied seamlessly across their global franchise network and marketing.

A graphic language with motion

A bold arrow derived from the ‘X’ in the logo acts as a flexible central graphic device. Whether it’s used as a striking centrepiece or a subtle element to frame content, this symbol captures the movement and pace of the organisation and its services.

The imagery style sets a personal and authentic tone, with the use of names to showcase their great staff. We were able to capture this authenticity and positivity through a photoshoot with various staff members. These became ‘hero shots’ for communications.

InXpress brand

A simple adjustment to the logo gives the brand an immediate facelift, along with cohesive devices to offer impact and flexibility in the brand.

InXpress advertising

InXpress external branding
InXpress global service

Developing a clear strategy

We put significant focus on their value proposition. Through collaborative, strategic workshops, we identify the gaps between their current brand identity and the business values, ambitions and audience-needs.

This, coupled with one to one staff & stakeholder interviews, amplified the essence of the InXpress brand and what makes them unique in their space – they always put people first.

From this point, we developed a brand strategy alongside concise business-level and audience-level messaging to ensure their service offering was clear and consistent across all touchpoints. This work formed the foundation of the brand identity refresh and comms.

InXpress internal branding

Rolling out the new global branding

A swift application of the new global branding followed, taking extra care to ensure franchisees, partners, and stakeholders fully understand the unique value proposition. Along with a new marketing toolkit, we created a range of internal comms, complete with an engaging brand video to unveil the brand to a global franchise audience.