Brand Creation

Taking the cloud further than ever before

Client: OWORX


Oworx is the UK’s new hotbed for cloud technology expertise, a SaaS specialist blending the latest cloud technologies (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud) with outstanding service. Working closely with customers, Oworx helps them adopt the cloud to scale faster, smarter and more securely.


Backed by one of the UK’s largest independent IT businesses, Oworx is a SaaS brand conceived to capture the growing opportunity of the cloud. As a serious technology startup, they needed a distinct name, fresh ethos and striking identity to attract prime clients and a new wave of engineers – those that don’t wear suits to work.


We created a strategy and identity that makes a mark in the sector. Since launching, Oworx has generated significant first-year revenues, and they continue to innovate and enable growth for many well-known brands in the UK and Europe. And they’ve only just scratched the surface.

OWORX interior branding design

Brave tone. Bold identity.

We all knew we wanted to shake things up. The design trends of the IT industry weren’t challenging the status quo – Oworx is something different.

Attracting the best talent

Today’s emerging talent wants to do things differently. They’re individual, confident and don’t look like everyone else. We wanted a SaaS brand that people can get behind.

OWORX clothing accessories
OWORX digital brochures slide deck
OWORX accessories
OWORX clothing

A digital-first SaaS brand

From podcasts to InstaStories to software, Oworx has both feet in a digital world, and we knew that their identity design needed to be fluid, scalable and adaptable.

OWORX podcast digital design
OWORX interior branding design