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Brand Evolution

Setting the standard in global accreditation

Client: ACM


ACM is a leading UKAS-accredited certification body with offices in the UK and across the globe. Serving thousands of clients in more than 20 countries, they offer a wide range of internationally recognised business standards, including ISO.


As a growing business, ACM’s leadership saw ever-growing potential. The problem: the brand didn’t truly reflect the strength or capability of the company. It was time to evolve and present a brand that presents ACM as the sector leader they really are.


Working closely with the leadership team and other stakeholders, we reviewed the brand’s DNA to underpin our work. From here, we developed a bolder, fresher identity, one that oozed confidence and assurance. Armed with this, ACM goes from strength to strength.

ACM Pinnacle Brand Promise

Clarity and consistency

By combining confident and straightforward design principles, we created a confident brand that embodied professionalism and quality.

ACM Brand Pack Identity
ACM Client Welcome Pack

Letting expertise shine through

Like many businesses, ACM’s people are what makes them great. With so many leading experts worldwide, we made sure they had a prominent role in the branding.

ACM People Branding
ACM Social Media Examples
ACM Industry Imagery

A versatile trust mark

ACM’s logo is more than a badge; it’s a mark of trust. Our approach ensured that it was memorable and distinctive, wherever it was seen. It’s a mark that represents the pinnacle of business standards.

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ACM Certificate Design
ACM Accreditation Logos
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