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Brand creation

Sharing the joy, friendship and adventure of music

Client: Music Squad


Music Squad has left stuffy music lessons of the past at the school gates – and brought a revolutionary new way for children to learn and love playing a musical instrument. Prioritising enjoyment over perfection, they provide lessons that are energetic, playful and often very silly! They want to share the immense value of learning an instrument and the joy and excitement of music-making with every child.


Music Squad wants a world where all children have the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime love of music making. But convincing busy parents and schools that learning an instrument is no longer the lonely, repetitive chore it used to be is no mean feat. So they needed a bold and exciting, but also professional, brand to engage children, parents and schools alike. 


The new brand immediately communicates the playful, energetic and youthful vibe at the core of Music Squad. The different elements forge a sense of connection and community, promoting a safe and welcoming environment where children can feel confident, relaxed and free to express themselves through music.

Bringing music to life

The logo was crafted to mimic the flow of music, both in pitch and fluidity. It conveys a fun, energetic and exciting personality… and when animated, represents characterful notes being played.

It can be used large to create an instant texture. The effect can be used
individually or repeated, depending on the overall design. The logo also interacts well with images, which can either be placed into the logo, on top of it or moving between the logo elements.

Music book branding

Mirroring the fun through a characterful font

WorkSans is a clean and simple font that’s full of character and gives an approachable feel – much like Music Squad’s lessons and activities.

music cards branding
brand palette brand font

Create a vibrant connection

Strong primary colours and a range of bright and vibrant supporting colours make Music Squad stand out and portray the fun and positive energy that’s at its core.