Brand transformation

Showing integrity in action 

Client: MaxiPDI


MaxiPDI stands for Property, Development and Investment. But the company stands for much more. Here to make diversified and responsible development the most advantageous form of investment, it brings a holistic and community-centric ethos to an industry that so often lacks integrity. By employing sustainable practices, they prioritise community benefits over mere profits, filling people with confidence rather than dread when buying or selling significant plots of land or property.


Having spent two decades reaching financial potential while doing good business, MaxiPDI wanted to further its impact by showcasing its commitment and integrity in action. Understanding the sensitivity and private nature of property and development, they wanted to stand out as trustworthy and straightforward investors, who handle legislation-filled affairs directly, fairly and discreetly. Importantly, they wanted to differentiate themselves from typical brokers.


The new MaxiPDI brand has solidified its reputation as straightforward investors in diverse and challenging property types. But more than this, it ensures lasting value and industry leadership in responsible development, allowing MaxiPDI to forge forward in enriching business and community all-round.

Inspired by land and architecture

The core structure of the brand is inspired by the natural grids created within land divisions, boundaries and property floor plans.

Formulaic grids imply structure and strength, heightening the idea of integrity

The grid creates a clean, minimalist look that feels understated but respectable. It lends itself to creating ordered and uncluttered materials, and hints at the simple, straightforward process you expect from MaxiPDI. Also, it subtly instils confidence and the idea of discretion, which will resonate with target audiences.

Refined elegance

The measured use of ‘classic’ colours gives a refined and elegant feel, while the subtlety creates an element of sensitivity, mirroring the company’s integrity. It also allows for differentiation between the MaxiPDI sub-brands, while holding them together as one strong entity.