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Brand transformation

Simplifying complexity with insightful insurtech

Client: DOCOsoft


DOCOsoft is a technology brand for the insurance industry with a long-standing record of success. Since the late 90s, they’ve developed specialist software that empowers people through automation. Their claims management system brings clarity to a complicated marketplace, helping insurers and reinsurers maximise performance.


With a vision of being the driving force behind businesses to advance the insurance industry, DOCOsoft knew they needed to step up and stand out. By reframing their value proposition and refreshing their image, they wanted a brand that better reflects their ambition and communicates their purpose of enhancing human performance to ensure real people stay relevant. In a traditionally corporate world, DOCOsoft also wanted to break away from the ‘norm’ and show they have a fun side. 


A vibrant, eye-catching and communicative brand refresh emerged that lives boldly across every touchpoint and can flex to handle their ambitious growth plans. Shining a light on both tech and humans – be them clients or team members – DOCOsoft now occupies a place in the market where they are in complete control of their capabilities to propel insurance firms into the future as things change in a fast-paced marketplace.

docosoft logo

Inventive logo evolution

We kept the same principles but modified them to give a more technical edge. Reworked and individually crafted letterforms help balance the words and improve readability.

office worker image

Injecting intelligent automation into the brand

Taking the DOCO from the logo, we used it in abstract ways to reflect the theme of ‘intelligent automation’ and give a sense of the claims management system working behind the scenes.

animated slideshow
meeting image

Bringing character to convention

While upholding their reputation as a professional team of passionate experts, we used bright colours in the DOCO mark to instil vibrancy and a dash of fun.

social media
doco pattern animation

Ensuring real people stay relevant

We keep the human touch with smart professional images that show the experts working at DOCOsoft, with the DOCO mark crafted within them.

business card visual

Bringing DOCO to life

We depict the system with simple quirky animations and videos to showcase features and benefits.