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Client: Kascade


Kascade is a modern workspace cloud services provider. In a world where people work from pretty much anywhere, they bring tech sense to organisations.

Unlike traditional IT consultancy firms, they don’t push off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all solutions. By taking the time to understand clients’ business strategies, they match work practices and business goals to the right tech to get the very best results.


On a mission to enable people through technology, Kascade knew they needed a more modern brand for the modern workspace – one that appeals to more than tech-focused roles. Everyone from technical directors and IT managers to HR and comms uses tech in their day-to-day now. So, a brand that exudes Kascade’s experience, confidence, and charismatic personality was called for… along with an exciting new name.


A strikingly modern and dynamic brand full of colour and movement emerged – a far cry from the often dry and understated IT brands. Adaptable and inviting, it reassures people that they are in approachable and experienced hands as they join Kascade on the modern workspace journey.

The ‘Kascade Effect’

The brand discovery process revealed a huge appetite for a new name. Everyone agreed ‘ComputerWorld’ sounded more like a high-street shop and didn’t match the team’s passion and drive. 

‘Kascade’ fits perfectly with Kascade’s new services-led approach within the modern workspace landscape, which creates the ‘Kascade Effect’… where different elements fall into place to achieve business goals and deliver the ultimate user experience.

Kascade Logo Design

Cascading ‘Koins’ – where modern work falls into place

Embodying the elegance of order emerging from complexity, the’ Koins’ signify modern work falling into place as solutions seamlessly integrate various components to create a harmonious and impactful digital landscape. 

Portraying the Kascade client journey, each ‘Koin’ embarks on its distinct journey, capable of adaptation through addition, removal or rearrangement, yet invariably ensuring that any gaps are filled.

The versatile ‘Koins’ can be used in a variety of eye-catching ways: 

  • Descending with each one finding its perfect place
  • As overlays to bring pictures to life
  • To graphically frame and focus in on content
  • To add depth to product imagery
  • To house and crop images
Kascade Brand Strategy

Breathing charismatic simplicity

The ‘Koins’ also appear in the logo design to form a visually impactful and simple icon, creating the cascading effect that boldly encapsulates the brand’s essence. The typography adds a friendly and charismatic touch making it approachable and engaging.

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An extensive library of icons brings to life the many key features of the modern workspace.

Kascade Icons Design
Kascade Brand Design
Kascade Brand Design
Kascade Brand Design

A journey of evolution

‘Kevin the Kascader’ joints the ‘Koins’ helps tell the story of how Kascade works. The modern workspace is not static, but a journey of evolution… and Kascade is there every step of the way.

Kascade Branding
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