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Charity branding requires sector expertise and a careful approach. Threerooms is a leading agency that helps charities stand out and get noticed.

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Charity branding that gets to the heart

The charity sector is highly competitive and all charities share the same needs when it comes to branding; they must stand out, get noticed, and share their passion and belief in a direct and clear way, culminating in a single promise that sums up their aims—their reason for being.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to get to the hearts of potential supporters. Recent research shows that supporting a charity is often an emotional decision, bound up with an individual’s own motivations, hopes, and dreams. Working with these motivations can create a compelling case for charities looking to fundraise, and result in people being willing to part with their wealth.

The tricky point in charity branding is that it means funds being spent in the charity, not on the charity. It’s a paradox of belief. While every charity wants the maximum amount possible to go to their intended cause, it’s essential to attribute money to methods that will generate the maximum amount of funds. Branding does this. The key is to find the right balance by retaining integrity and a dedication to the cause, whilst simultaneously working with individual donors and corporate sponsors to raise funds to invest in branding.

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Even with a clear brand strategy and engaging brand identity, regular and relevant communications are needed to establish strong connections with all audiences. Research from Marketing Week suggests an increased apathy amongst supporters, suggesting that higher levels of engagement are needed to increase donations.

The report also states that “while neutral supporters donate an average of £60.57 a year, those who are engaged with an organisation donate £91.53.” This proves that by dedicating time and money to creating strong branding and targetted communication, the end result is more funds for the charity.

See how we helped Juno (formerly Women’s Aid Integrated Services) rebrand and change the perceptions of their charity.

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We believe in spending our time doing good things, and hope our clients do too. We work with organisations who are doing something decent for the world, either by providing a valuable service or by making positive steps for the public good. If this is you, you’re in.


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Our charity branding services

Threerooms delivers complete commitment from a senior team of graphic designers and charity branding experts. Having worked with many emerging and established charities, we are able to:

  • Help develop your proposition, values, and vision
  • Assist with name changes—how to get it right
  • Discover insights that lead to better results
  • Design a modern and professional logo and identity
  • Develop key messages built around your audiences
  • Create fundraising marketing that gets noticed
  • Help launch your new brand to staff and the public
  • Offer website design and digital solutions
  • Produce animations and videos to clearly explain what you do and why
  • Provide ongoing support and advice.

Defining a charity brand strategy

The charity sector is a competitive one, with many operators all trying to find a place in the hearts and minds of existing and potential donors. Every charity is unique and it’s paramount to uncover what separates each one.

Threerooms takes a very careful and considered approach, working with all stakeholders from marketing, fundraising, and leadership teams through to boards, frontline staff, volunteers, and importantly the users themselves.

Our deep-learning strategy ensures that we understand the motivations and goals of a charity in order to define the right strategy. From here, we move on to brand identity design, brand guidelines and marketing support, ensuring that the essence of the brand is communicated to its people, users, and supporters.

How we work—a tried and tested approach to charity branding

Our team is adept at finding and promoting the most compelling aspects of a charity brand. From the initial brand strategy and throughout, we work alongside you and your team to:

  • Visit you and get to know your team to share in your aspirations for the project.
  • Deeply understand the current situation, existing research, and any current branding to create a plan to move forward.
  • Understand the nuances of the different services provided.
  • Carry out exercises to discover the personality of the brand.
  • Explore the needs of the different audiences (staff, leaders, users, and other key stakeholders) and how to include them in the process.
  • Speak with a range of stakeholders to get additional insights.
  • Explore charity branding and marketing best practices—what can we learn and adopt?

Charity Branding Process

Charity brand design—our process

Once a successful strategy is in place, we work with you to create a distinct and modern brand identity that helps you stand out and get noticed—one that communicates who you are while being memorable and distinct.

Starting with benchmarking and discussing early ideas, we share a vision for the charity brand design at the start of the process, ensuring that everyone is aligned and supports the concept.

Once an initial approach is agreed, we progress to the concept design, presenting a complete and thorough vision for your charity brand identity. We do this by sharing visuals of key communications and marketing materials so you can imagine the full implementation at an early stage, giving you confidence and saving potential time and expense.

We’re proud to have worked with some amazing charities

Charity Branding Client Logos

Charity rebranding done the right way

For established charities, their current branding is often already well-known and in the public eye. Making changes needs to be done in the right way and with care in order to retain awareness and continued support. Your supporters still need to recognise you. In some cases, a major change is needed, but in other cases a more sensitive approach is required.

Threerooms has the experience and expertise to make it a success. Always ambitious but respectful and carefully considered too, we make the changes as smooth as possible. Charity branding is an important journey. We support you every step of the way. 

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