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Company rebranding

Company rebranding is not a vanity exercise but a calculated business decision. We’ll discover the most cherished aspects of your brand to develop a vibrant new brand that reflects the changing face of your organisation.

It’s time to invigorate your business brand.

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Energise your business image

We’ve helped many businesses reposition and rebrand, to deliver a modern, competitive brand image. A new brand identity design adds new energy to a business, both inside and out, and it’s what we do best.

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Why choose us?

We believe in spending our time doing things right, and hope our clients do too. We don’t cut any corners, putting in the hard work to get it right.


Brand specialists

Having worked in branding for over 15 years, we know what works.


Fresh ideas, always

The world moves quickly. Forward-thinking is central to our approach.


Ambitious team

We don’t need hand-holding. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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Uncovering the essence of your brand

Branding is fundamentally about creating value for customers. To do this, you must know both your brand’s real value and customers’ emotional needs.

We discover the essence of your brand through its best asset – its people. Through a series of workshops and discovery sessions, we evaluate your business to discover your brand’s strengths and the very essence of what makes it great. It’s an inspiring and rewarding process for you and your team.

Developing a clear brand strategy

From our research, we will define your brand DNA, incorporating a range of areas, including your vision, values, brand story, audience profiles and brand personality. Our unique approach helps you create brand marketing that’s more focused and more successful.

From your brand DNA, we can also design your Brand Identity for you, along with a wide range of marketing assets for your business. We lead you through the whole process, adapting our approach to fit the size, budget and ambition of your company.

Brand research that tells a story

We adopt a range of methods to learn about your organisation. From a simple brand questionnaire for your team to engaging stakeholder workshops, we take an approach that delivers results while meeting your budget. For more advanced projects, we can execute external audience research to really get to the bottom of what your customers are looking for and why.

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