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Threerooms is an award-winning agency that helps organisations, societies and institutions progress and get noticed.

Organisation branding needs an expert touch to create a powerful, modern brand while preserving your all-important heritage.

Chartered identity

Organisation branding that pays homage to heritage

Whether you work for a chartered institute, learned society or a historic, research or scientific organisation, we’re here, ready to work right alongside you.

Organisation brand design is a complex process. It involves organisations that boast rich heritage, established over years, decades and even centuries. This heritage has to be preserved and promoted, without running the risk of portraying an old-fashioned image.

Paying homage to heritage while creating a modern, attractive brand that depicts the progress and evolution of your organisation is a juxtaposition that calls for sensitive and considered organisation brand design.

That’s where we come in…

Why choose us?

We believe in spending our time doing things right, and hope our clients do too. We don’t cut any corners, putting in the hard work to get it right.



Having worked in organisation marketing for over 15 years, we know what works.


Fresh ideas, always

The world moves quickly. Forward-thinking is central to our approach.


Ambitious team

We don’t need hand-holding. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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Specialists in organisation branding

Threerooms has significant experience in helping organisations like yours modernise and evolve their brands. Over the years, we’ve worked with top institutions and societies, as well as as a wide range of not-for-profits and charities, carrying out transformative rebranding or brand evolution projects.

Taking you on an engaging and collaborative branding journey, we work right alongside you from start to to finish. We put a lot of importance on the discovery phase, gathering insights from everyone involved in your organisation, from key stakeholders and trustees to management and employees.

We help you find clarity in your purpose and proposition, your vision and mission. We distil this down into consistent, engaging marketing and communications that showcase your crucial, ethical and progressive work to a variety of different audiences – increasingly tech-savvy, content-hungry audiences that expect to be wowed. But something that we never lose sight of along the way is where you have come from, your journey… your heritage.

Our organisation branding clients

Threerooms has carried out transformative rebranding or brand evolution projects for a roster of not-for-profit UK and international clients…

The Royal Entomological Society a learned society and scientific organisation that promotes research, provides funding, offers advice and connects people, to help us understand insect impacts on the planet, and enrich the way we all live.

CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) – a professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector, committed to helping professionals and organisations succeed in inspiring our nation to be more active.

The British Geological Surveya world-leading independent research organisation providing objective, expert geoscientific data, information and knowledge to the UK government.

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Chartered branding

Our organisation branding services

Threerooms brings to you a committed senior team of graphic designers and organisation branding experts. Having worked with many emerging and established organisations, societies and institutions, we can:

  • Help develop unique propositions, values, and visions
  • Assist with name changes – how to get it right
  • Discover insights that lead to better results
  • Design a modern and professional logo and identity
  • Develop key messages built around your audiences
  • Create marketing that gets noticed
  • Help launch your new brand to staff and the public
  • Offer website design and digital solutions
  • Build engaging animations and videos to clearly explain the offer
  • Provide ongoing support and advice

With a collaborative approach, Threerooms run an organised and efficient design studio. Seeing projects through from start to finish with passion, we deliver on-brief, on-budget and on-brand every time.

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