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Illustration in branding and marketing

Illustration in branding has a unique power – it can make brands stand out from the crowd. If visuals are a primary form of communication, just imagine how illustrations can strengthen your brand.

Illustration in branding

What makes illustration so captivating? See here.

Bringing brands to life

While stock photography has its place, it’s sometimes nice to be bespoke. At Threerooms, we pride ourselves on creating brands that are emotive, memorable and unique. Sometimes illustration do just the trick! But creating a brand isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s about uncovering what truly makes that brand unique to the world. Their personality and values should ooze through each and every touchpoint. With seamless brand interactions, the brand should effortlessly come alive to its audience.

Illustration in branding

From infographics to large interiors, illustrations can transform spaces. But illustration is not only a tool for conveying visual communication. It is a way to transfer moods and feelings, for example, quirky and funny illustrations can bring humour to a brand. It’s all about how you want to visually ‘speak’ to your audience.

Read below to see some examples of illustration in branding we’ve worked on over the past few months, hand-crafted straight from our studio.

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Interior illustration

Interior illustrations are a big deal. They liven up spaces and get staff on-board with a new brand. Our client’s offices have been brightened up with illustrations created by our very own illustrator, each having their own different objective, but all providing clarity and inspiration to staff members. The departments now feature quirky and humorous characters to create an engaging space for their staff or visitors. I created the illustrations by hand, then scanned and coloured them in digitally.

Brand illustrations

Character design

Adding a mascot to your brand is a great option to bring energy and visually represent the values of your company. Here we created Tech-Tom and i-Tina, two very loved characters for our technology-based client. Not only do they make the brand memorable, but our clients have a lot of fun using them across campaigns.

Brand archetypes illustration
Air IT character illustrations

Brand illustration

There are a lot of examples of illustration in branding. Here we created a series of illustrations focusing on the unique landmarks around Ashfield. It created a vibrant and welcoming feel for the residents and is a unique style that is seen across the towns. When it comes to packaging, it’s all about creating distinction. We continually ask ourselves, ‘how will this product convey the right tone and stand proud from the shelf?’ The Frosty Yak ice cream illustration is a playful touch that adds a unique flavour (sorry) to the brand.

Ashfield illustration
Ice cream illustration

Endless outcomes

Whether it’s for digital or print, If you’re looking to inject some personality into your brand, then illustrations could be the key.

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